MARVEL LIFESTYLE LIMITED is a leading manufacturer and distributor for Custom Made Window Dressing & Treatment Products in East Africa.
Accredited by the Kenya Revenue Authority Marvel Lifestyle Ltd is the only Local Manufacturer of interior décor products and provides employment to many young Kenyan men and women.
The Materials are sourced internationally then assembled and manufactured locally to provide products according to customer’s specifications.
Our Vision is to be Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of quality customized interior decor products, to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, cost and service and to build relationships through continuous improvement and customer interactions.
At Marvel we value Quality, Professionalism and Social Co-operate Responsibility.

Our Motto
Affordable, yet superior quality!!
Call us and make an order
Give us a rough measurement of what you require.
We will then give you a preliminary Quotation.
After that we will send our guys to confirm the measurements.
Once the Measurements are confirmed we will give you the final Quotation.
On payment we start production and installation is done within 3 days.
Pricing starts from Kshs. 1500 per metre to 7000 per metre depending on the product. 
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